ideas in metal! - Works in Progress - Charleston, SC
ideas  - in METAL!
ideas in Metal! Works in PROGRESS
Since the process is key to John's work, we thought you might be interested in seeing how some of his ideas are currently developing into metal sculpture - garden art and wall art.  You can see how found and reclaimed materials join with scrap metal to create an Eclectic Fish! Then check out how some pieces of steel from the old Cooper River Bridges are able to take flight in a Dragonfly garden sculpture. 
ideas in Metal! Eclectic Fish kinetic metal sculpture in progress
- a quick view of how it comes together
ideas in Metal! A few shots of other metal art in progress:
ideas in Metal! yard art in progress. Using recycled materials, metal artist John D Donehue, Jr., creates metal sculpture.metal artist John D. Donehue Jr. Charleston SC ideas in Metal! garden art, yard art, metal sculpture of dragonfly in progress, Yard art in progress at ideas in Metal! John D Donehue, Jr. metal sculptures coming alive.ideas in Metal! John D Donehue Jr. Metal wall art, garden sculpture, yard art.  Found objects and recycled materials waiting to become new sculpture in Charleston, SC.Bicycle bird metal art created from recycled bicycle parts, found metal objects and wood.  John D Donehue, Jr. ideas in Metal! Charleston, SCideas in Metal! Well Fed Bird - yard art in progress.  Utilizing reclaimed materials, John D Donehue Jr. creates metal sculpture for the garden.
The ideas in Metal! yard in Charleston, SC comes alive with various metal sculptures.  Shrimp, dragonflies, crabs, birds, fish and seahorses await some finishing details before they're ready to assume their new role as metal wall art, metal sculpture, garden or yard art. Come out to the next event to see the finalized projects or check back soon on the gallery page.