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ideas  - in METAL!
This is sampling of what's available now.  I hope that you smile when you see how my ideas materialize into metal sculpture.  If you find a great piece of metal art for your office, home, porch or garden but would like it in a different color or size, I'm open to discussing options.  Or if you have an idea of your own that you would like to see in metal, give me a call.  Custom metal work is available, even encouraged.  Please understand that I pride myself in creating unique handmade metal sculpture - while I can create a similar piece, no two pieces are the same. 
We use ground shipping for all orders.  Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.  For custom orders, of course, it may take a while longer.  If you are in the Charleston, SC area and want to discuss alternate delivery options, please contact me directly.
You'll find more custom metal art and sculpture that has already found it's rightful owner on the other work page.  Also visit the works in progress page to see some of the current ideas in Metal! sculpture, garden and yard art in progress.
Bait N Shrimp
New Shrimp design! Hand cut, bent steel with steel wire and bronze detail on a heart pine base. 28" X 18" X 6"
Price: $600.00
Blu Ray
Hand cut and hammered painted steel wall art. 18" x 24"
Price: $100.00
Painted Steel, Bronze detail on natural wood base. 18" x 22"
Price: $200.00
Oscar da Crab
Hand cut, hand hammered steel wall sculpture, 10" x 18"
Price: $85.00
Red #10
Metal wall art - hand cut, hammered painted steel, 22" x 50"
Price: $215.00
She Crab
Metal wall art. Hand cut and hammered painted steel, 24" x 12'
Price: $65.00
Beer Goggle Gecko!
Hand cut, hammered painted steel gecko with bronze detail. 18" x 20"
Price: $80.00
Matissimo #8
Metal wall sculpture - hand hammered, hand cut steel, 24"x 48"
Price: $215.00
Twisted Ray
Metal wall sculpture. Hand cut, hand hammered steel, 18" x 28"
Price: $100.00
lil' green guy
Metal wall art - handcut, hand hammered painted steel, 18" x 20"
Price: $80.00
Scaly Fish
Copper & steel, bronze detail with wrapped stone eye, meant to be kinetic, but could be wall mounted. 28" x 50"
Price: $500.00
Jimmy Crab
Metal wall art - hand hammered, hand cut steel painted, 18" x 24"
Price: $65.00
Garden Fish
Steel Fish on base
Price: $125.00
Please come back by soon, there are new ideas in Metal!
sculpture in progress now.